Tonfunk Gruppe

We strengthen local economic power

As a partner of Salzlandsparkasse, Tonfunk is significantly involved in the technical implementation of the new Salzland map. The ambitious project aims to increase customer loyalty and purchasing power by regionalizing the flow of money and thus sustainably strengthen the economic power of the Salzland district.

The card works on a credit basis and enables cashless payments or the use of rechargeable vouchers in participating shops. In addition, entrance fees, for example in museums, zoos or music school fees can be processed. In order for the smart idea to develop its full impact, it needs to be widely accepted by the population and the retail sector. To achieve this, a pilot round is planned in which Salzlandsparkasse and Tonfunk together with 20 retailers in Aschersleben will test the practical suitability of the card in interaction with mobile phones and EC readers.

More information in the article of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

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