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professional payment

The salesman

The digital marketing platform for stadiums, events and concerts has more than 10 years of experience in mobile sales. Profipay is a system that pays off: The innovative technology makes it possible to accelerate transactions at sports and major events and to optimize the entire payment process and establish sales-promoting measures. This has a direct impact on sales and profitability, because Profipay is faster, more secure and more reliable than other systems. Staff deployment can be controlled in a targeted manner and your customers also benefit from faster and better service.

Hardware and software can be used flexibly for any application: Profipay offers solutions for both stationary and mobile sales. Even logistics for large events, entire access control systems and ticket management can be handled professionally. At the same time, Profipay is a solution that meets the highest standards of security and design.

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all in real time

The interactive radio patrol

Together with our partner T-Systems, we bring together our technical know-how and many years of experience in the field of security for authorities and institutions. The central control unit is the heart of the interactive radio patrol car: as a mobile device, the unit accesses geo-referenced data and raises mission planning and navigation to real-time levels. The entire order management can be carried out directly on site and directly in the system, which saves a lot of time and unnecessary duplication of work.

Other devices can also be combined and controlled with the Polaris system: cameras for HD video transmission to the control-centre, analogue and TETRA radios or even the special signalling system. Entire technical systems can be connected to the interactive radio patrol car: Administrative offences are recorded directly and processed via cashless payment systems. State-of-the-art encryption and authentication procedures ensure maximum security.

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smart region

Innovation for the region

A map for the regional economic cycle

Smart.Region GmbH has started a pilot project with the Salzland map. The aim is to develop a regional map system that can also be transferred to other districts as part of a franchise. The first connections in other regions are planned for 2021.

Rural exodus, shortage of skilled workers and dying inner cities are causing problems for many regions throughout Germany. It often seems as if this is a cycle that can hardly be broken - but there is a way to put more life into one's own region!

A flourishing retail trade, appreciation from employers and modern infrastructure are key factors that make a district an attractive residential and business location for young families, skilled workers and companies.

Smart.Region GmbH has made it its business to make all this possible again.

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