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Ideas become innovations

The development service for electronic assemblies and devices including the associated software is an essential service component of an E²MS provider. Tonfunk offers the know-how and many years of expertise in analog and digital technology development. Smooth cooperation between the companies of the Tonfunk Group in the areas of development, manufacturing and logistics guarantee an optimal product development process.

In partnership with our customers, we carefully handle their ideas. Their ideas, thoughts or visions can initiate a development and become signposts to a successful future. This requires Tonfunk’s experience, competence and understanding for the respective technical task.


Ideas become innovations

  • Co-engineering
  • Project Management
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Project purchasing during development
  • Prototyping and approval processes

Circuit design

From circuit development to product readiness for series production, including approval-relevant tests. At Tonfunk, the range of services extends from consulting to analysis, concept development, CAD circuit diagram development, design and development to the finished product.

Examples from the range of services:

  • Design and redesign of products and systems
  • Circuit design and development
  • Accompaniment of the design in terms of optimal industrialization
  • Circuit simulation of clocked and linear power supplies
  • Layout design and consulting
  • Audio, video, HF and digital technology
  • mobile data communication and IoT in different networks
  • Microcontroller based applications
  • Product development on ARM processors with operating system and driver development
  • Obsolescence management, life cycle analysis of components and products

and much more. Please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.



Layout development

The increasing complexity, miniaturization and component diversity in electronic systems pose major challenges for PCB layout and component management. In addition to the market leaders in CAD systems for PCB layout, we use global component libraries. This results in reliable and future-proof PCB designs.

The portfolio includes:

  • Layout for PCBs of different technologies and designs
  • EMV optimized layout development
  • Thermal management on PCB and assembly design
  • Creation of test and production optimized assemblies
  • Development-accompanying documentation
  • as well as support and implementation of redesigns for existing products


Test engineering

Manufacturers of electronic solutions often direct their development focus on the best possible functionality of the products. The suitability for testability can quickly fall short here because  correction after the fact often costs a lot of time and money. The aim is to take the requirements for design for testability into account as early as the development stage. Tonfunk's test engineers have a great deal of experience in technical requirements, test specifications and recommend test procedures. We pursue the goal of the highest possible test coverage so that no defects remain undetected. At the same time, the depth of testing must also be cost effective.

When challenges arise, our experienced engineers are at your side right from the start, as in the case of:

  • Advice on the choice of the optimum test strategy
  • Development and implementation of test systems for a wide range of requirements
  • Design of combined test systems using multi-stage adapters for ICT, FKT and Boundary Scan
  • Creation of complete test equipment and operator-guided test stations with the support of our in-house test equipment construction department
  • Choice from a wide range of modern inspection and test equipment, also for development samples and small quantities
  • Creation of Flying Probe Programs (FPT)

3D mechanical design

For the design of the overall product, the protection against external influences and the realization of functional interfaces, we offer the mechanical design of functional parts and housings.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Design of mechanical parts for the electronic assemblies, devices and test systems developed by Tonfunk
    • Stamped, bent parts
    • Milled, turned parts
    • Customer-specific adaptation of various standard plastic housings
    • Individual plastic parts and housings
    • Input and output systems
  • Adaptation of customer designs
  • Supervision of mechanical services
  • Development processes related inspections and tests of mechanical constructions up to series production readiness
  • Preparation of documents and drawings
  • Component research

The consistent use of the HICAD system within the Tonfunk Group enables an optimized production-related design of the assemblies and devices manufactured at Tonfunk.


Software development

We plan, design and develop modern software solutions to improve workflows and processes, primarily for embedded systems. The economic efficiency, safety and user-friendliness of your product are in the foreground of our services.

Our core competences are in the following areas:

  • Realization in C/C++/C#, Assembler and other languages
  • Operating system adaptation and driver development under Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE), Linux and other operating systems
  • Connection of embedded systems to existing communication interfaces (CAN, LIN, Ethernet etc.)
  • Application development for desktop and embedded operating systems (Windows, Windows CE, Linux, and others)
  • Industry-specific app development, mobile logistics solutions and payment applications


Qualification and approval

No two products are the same and each of our customers' target markets has individual testing and approval procedures. We help you to comply with the relevant legal requirements and a distinction must be made between product-specific and target market-specific approval requirements. We support you both with product-specific approvals such as the ATEX Directive, SIL IEC 61508, E1 or VdS and with special testing and approval procedures for your target markets. Often it is necessary to confirm that a product meets the applicable requirements according to EU Regulation 765/2008 (CE approval).

It is helpful to involve us in the development and creation process of the product. As an experienced partner for engineering and co-engineering, we recommend previously developed accompanying examinations and measurements, e.g. EMC standards. By working together it enables us to influence the design or circuit concept at an early stage in the development process and help you to meet the necessary approval criteria. Together we can jointly achieve the required approval conformity in a cost-efficient manner.

The following are implemented in-house during development:

  • Tests of HF interference emission in the GTEM cell
  • Climate test
  • Noise test / vibration test
  • Safety test
  • Standard-compliant EMC and ESD tests
  • EU regulation 765/2008 CE conformity, e.g. according to R&TTE directive
  • E1 / KBA approval
  • Creation and maintenance of IMDS data
  • Design for special approvals, such as: ATEX directive 94/9, SIL IEC 61508, VDS, explosion protection, TÜV, UL, CSA



  • Audio and video applications, signal conditioning and modulation.
  • Interface cards for signal conversion, logic and level conversion, power supply
  • Active sensor for pressure and door monitoring in the automotive sector
  • Communication system in the field of aviation, integration of the Iridium satellite system, use of GPS, GSM and BT, WLAN, further various digital interfaces
  • Controller and I/O boards for complex machine computing devices
  • Electronics for nautical applications
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