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Tonfunkt continues digital success story

After TONFUNK already achieved a strong 2nd place in 2018 with the complete solution polaris - smart radio patrol car / solutions for the police of the future as part of the state initiative "Digital Success Stories from Saxony Anhalt", the company was now able to fully climb the winner's podium with the mobile payment solution Profipay POS System 2.0.

"Digital Success Stories from Saxony Anhalt" - this is an initiative of the Chambers of Crafts Halle and Magdeburg as well as the Chambers of Industry and Commerce Halle-Dessau and Magdeburg. The award, which is being presented for the third time, brings to the attention of a broad public the many projects and approaches that use digital technologies to generate prospects for economic success.

At the award ceremony, laudator Julia Bütow particularly highlighted the holistic concept of the cashless payment system for major events. The flexible complete package of software, hardware and service, which is completely independent of third-party manufacturers, operating systems and payment methods, is the simplest, safest, fastest and most stable system on the market, has proven itself in daily use with over 4,000 mobile POS and is continuing to gain ground.

Whether at RB Leipzig, Schalke, Berlin's Olympic Stadium or Belgium's Jan Breydel Stadium, visitors and fans everywhere appreciate profipay as a technology that makes the event, from the search for a parking space to the quickly ordered drink or fan article, a relaxed experience for young and old alike, where they can finally concentrate on the essentials.

Event organizers, caterers and sponsors are also impressed by the uncomplicated, absolutely secure flexibility of the system. The setup of new events within seconds, the integration and billing of new POS in real time, the unique linking of merchandising, catering, sponsoring up to the VIP area or parking spaces is an absolutely unique selling point and allows the quick implementation of all customer wishes.

The decision to choose Tonfunk "High-Tech from the Harz for the world" as the winner was therefore very easy for the jury.


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