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Neue SMT-Linie Q1/2014

Wir haben eine weitere Siplace-SMT-Linie in Betrieb genommen und damit unsere Fertigungskapazität weiter erhöht. 

TONFUNK wächst weiter

Die TONFUNK-Gruppe ist im Bereich der EMS-Dienstleistung im Jahr 2013 weiter gewachsen. Gelungen ist die Umsatzsteigerung vor allem durch neue Projekte aus der IT-Branche, der Sicherheitstechnik, der Industrie und der Medizintechnik. Zudem konnte die Sparte M2M-Electronic (Machine to Machine) ausgebaut werden.

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We are your partner

The name Tonfunk stands for ideas, innovation and a long tradition. Tonfunk is a manufacturing service provider for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). For many years reputed customers have put their faith in the quality guaranteed by the Tonfunk Group, which has established itself on the market for electronic manufacturing services as an extremely efficient and highly flexible provider of services,  ranging from circuit board mounting to the fabrication of complete electronic assemblies, devices and systems.

Our Company is a reliable partner in the capital goods industry and meets the highest service and quality standards. All our processes, from development through production to service, are structured according to international quality assurance standards and supervised by TÜV Rhineland. Our workforce of more than 300 highly-motivated individuals and cutting edge machinery enable use to respond flexibly to our customers’ needs and deal with products and customers on an individual basis.